Thanaka: Symbol of Freedom

On February 1, 2021 the military in Myanmar detained the democratically elected leaders of the country and imposed military rule over the people. Myanmar is the new name for the country of Burma. In 1989 the military renamed the country from Burma to Myanmar.

 Royal Thanaka’s main ingredient, Thanaka, comes from an ancient skincare tradition that continues to this day in Burma. Traditionally it is used as a paste from the ground bark of the Thanaka tree, mixed with water. When applied to the skin, it protects the skin from harsh elements. It has been scientifically analyzed to be high in vitamin E, antioxidants, and has astringent properties. We decided that the rest of the world would appreciate this time-tested ingredient.

 Royal Thanaka offers this highly prized ingredient and so much more. In keeping with the resistance to dictatorship by the people of Burma and in solidarity with their witness to freedom, Royal Thanaka also promotes a lifestyle that embraces the value of living in concert with nature. The bark (skin) of the Thanaka tree protects us (our skin) while we protect the Thanaka trees.

 Until very recently the Thanaka tree farmers in Burma began to clear-cut the Thanaka trees. Their reason was economic survival. They could grow other trees for more profit for outside corporations. There was also the understanding among the tree farmers that the traditional use of Thanaka was on the decline. A few weeks after the military takeover, while the people of Burma came together to resist, Thanaka became the symbol of the revolution.

 Thanaka is a symbol of freedom. In Burma it is the freedom of the people to live in democracy. At Royal Thanaka it is the freedom to live in concert with nature, away from petrochemicals, and toward the wisdom of nature and ancient traditions.

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