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The story of Royal Thanaka is one of resiliency, community and hope. It is proof of what can manifest when similarly motivated individuals, originating from 3 different countries on 3 different continents come together with common goals of education, global consciousness, and community.

The founders of Royal Thanaka share a vision driven by the desire to honor the ancient wisdom of the ancestors and of nature for the betterment of the planet and humanity.

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Discover the Secret of Timeless Beauty with Royal Thanaka

Once upon a time, in the heart of Burma, a land steeped in ancient tradition and rich culture, the story of Royal Thanaka began.

In this enchanting corner of the world, the time-honored art of skincare had been passed down through generations, a closely guarded secret known only to the locals. It revolved around a single, remarkable ingredient: Thanaka.

 Derived from the bark of the revered Thanaka tree, this natural wonder was more than just a skincare ritual. It was a bridge to the past, a celebration of cultural heritage, and a promise of timeless beauty.

 In the dappled sunlight of a Burmese morning, the Thanaka tree stood as a sentinel of tradition. Its bark, finely ground into a creamy paste, was a symbol of reverence for Burma's culture and beauty. For centuries, women and men, young and old, would lovingly adorn their skin with this creamy elixir. It was believed to not only enhance their beauty but also protect their delicate complexions from the sun's harsh rays.

 Burma's traditional festivals, spiritual ceremonies, and even the daily routines of its people were infused with the spirit of Thanaka. It was an emblem of purity, a sacred connection to the land, and a source of pride for all who called Burma home.

 And so, Royal Thanaka was born—a brand that sought to share this remarkable gift with the world, embracing the past while looking to the future. Our mission was clear: to preserve the cultural heritage of Thanaka while harnessing its timeless benefits for skincare.

 From the heart of Burma to the world, Royal Thanaka embarked on a journey to make this ancient beauty secret accessible to all. Our formulations, carefully crafted and inspired by tradition, would offer a genuine taste of Burma's natural purity.

With Royal Thanaka, every product echoes the grace of the Hintha bird, our logo, a symbol of elegance and purity in Burmese culture. Just like the Hintha, we believe in the beauty of simplicity, authenticity, and a return to the essentials.

Our promise is to offer you the best of both worlds—authenticity and efficacy. We invite you to celebrate the rich history of Thanaka, elevate your skincare ritual, and uncover the secret to timeless beauty.

With Royal Thanaka, you can embark on a journey that honors the past, celebrates the present, and embraces the future.

Join us and discover the secret of timeless beauty, inspired by the traditions of Burma and brought to life with Royal Thanaka.