Royal Thanaka came to be in Community. The founders met at ICS (the International Community School). This school is an intentional and diverse community of people who are committed to justice and excellence in education. It is no surprise that the founders of Royal Thanaka continue with the commitment to justice in the world and excellence in the making and promotion of our products.

 And the community continues to grow! The support and encouragement for Royal Thanaka spans the globe. We remain rooted in our commitment to collaborate with local organizations that serve vulnerable populations. Our community is our life force. The intention of Royal Thanaka is to empower all with whom we come in contact.

 It is through our commitment to our Earth community that we use sustainable materials. Our face cream comes in a recycled glass jar with a recycled plastic lid and a biodegradable insert. We do not use ingredients made from petrochemicals and our palm oil is certified sustainable. We are committed to our Earth community as a whole. This is evident in our values: People, Planet, Product.

 We invite community and collaboration! Feel free to participate in the Royal Thanaka community and spread the word!

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