Freedom Is in the Air

Royal Thanaka celebrates America’s real Independence Day, Juneteenth! July 4th symbolizes the day when white Americans became free. Enslaved black Americans did not. When news of the Emancipation Proclamation reached Galveston TX on June 19th 1865, two years after it was declared, the joyous and spontaneous celebration of freedom gave birth to Juneteenth.

Royal Thanaka is an excellent line of skincare products as wells as a story of freedom. Created by an intentional community dedicated to quality education, Royal Thanaka is actively committed to a life lived in freedom for all people, especially those fleeing the violence of war and poverty. With our excellent ingredients that are good for our skin and our earth, we invite all who want to be a bridge to freedom for those seeking solace.

This Juneteenth, let’s stand together and continue the long march toward justice. It has taken far too long to get there, but change at last feels like it may be at hand.

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