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Royal Thanaka has its roots in Burma and came to be in Atlanta. The ancient and modern tradition of using Thanaka for skincare in Burma is now flourishing in a new way in the US.

We are excited to share the news that Royal Thanaka Ultra Rich Moisturizing Face Cream can now be purchased at The Atlanta Botanical Garden ( as well as Thread Beauty Spa ( and Massage Associates (! Our website, and Amazon are our online options.

 We have had inquiries from Brazil, India, Indonesia, and Ireland about purchasing our product. We are looking forward to expanding globally and are currently available on Amazon Mexico and Canada!

 Our first film is being edited and will soon be available on our website and YouTube page. It will educate people on the benefits of Thanaka as well as the mission and purpose of Royal Thanaka.

 Royal Thanaka began as an idea to share the benefits of an ancient skincare tradition and ingredient, Thanaka. This idea came to life among a community of international people, experiences, and traditions with the common purpose of sharing a meaningful life in partnership with the wider earth community (nature). Royal Thanaka is growing locally in the celebration of diversity that is the Atlanta community. And now is quickly reaching back out to the larger community that we call home.

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