Creating Royal Thanaka: We Begin!

It was a Friday evening in August 2016 when we first came up with the idea for Royal Thanaka. I had just returned from a 12-week cooking class on an organic farm in Ireland. I was telling my (now) business partners, Htwe and Myo, about my experience in Ireland. There was a particular story that came to mind that evening. While fishing for mackerel from a boat in Ballycotton Ireland, one of my cooking school classmates told me about her idea of creating skincare products made from Irish seaweed and peat moss. I was amazed at the idea and did not know that such a thing could be done. We continued with a successful fishing trip.

Fast-forward three months. Upon sharing this story with Htwe and Myo, it occurred to us that the 2,000-year-old Burmese tradition of applying Thanaka to the skin would be a welcomed relief for the rest of the world. We decided to create skincare products using this amazing ingredient! Thanaka not only protects the skin from harsh elements but it is hydrating and high in antioxidants. The use of Thanaka in Burma (Myanmar) has a time-tested track record and is still in use today. It is a safe ingredient and is used by people of all ages, including babies. The people of Burma regularly create a paste from the bark of the Thanaka tree for daily protection from the sun and to cool the skin. And there are four kinds of Thanaka trees, some with medicinal properties. We decided to proceed with our idea and what an adventure it has been!

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