Among the Trees

On February 3, 2017 Myo (Mew) went to Mandalay to meet with U Saw Sein Aung, an expert with extensive knowledge of Thanaka. He guided Myo through the whole trip and process of acquiring Thanaka for Royal Thanaka. They made their way to Pakokku, Myanmar. Myo spent the afternoon touring acres of Thanaka trees. Some of the trees were wild and some were farmed. He eventually chose farmed trees with the healthiest looking bark. Select branches were chosen and pruned with care to be sure that tree growth continued and flourished. They were then transported to Rangoon (Yangon).

In Rangoon the wood was rinsed with rainwater and dried under the sun. After drying, the bark was removed. Then the bark and core were separately dried a second time in a drying oven. They were then ground into powder and shipped to the US according to USDA guidelines.

Through this process, Myo and his US partners created Royal Thanaka, an international business benefitting people in Burma and the US. Royal Thanaka is committed to skincare products that are safe for skin and planet.   

Royal Thanaka, good for our skin, good for our earth. Live intentionally with the ancient wisdom of trees”

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