Our Story

Royal Thanaka is an international business, created by two families - one American, one Burmese. The families met at the International Community School in Atlanta, Georgia. Our company is supported by a diverse group of investors - American, Burmese, Chinese, Palestinian, Jewish, Islamic, Christian, who are citizens, historians, immigrants, refugees, teachers, and artists.

Royal Thanaka is the story of the relationship between a tree and people. Our products live in harmony with nature. They promote wellness of mind, body, and spirit.

For 2,000 years Thanaka trees co-existed and thrived with the people of Burma. Burmese people cultivated Thanaka powder to protect their skin.

Our company is driven by a desire to share this amazing relationship between the Thanaka tree and human beings. Royal Thanaka rises above boundaries to show the way to a peaceful and fruitful co-existence.

The core of Royal Thanaka is simplicity — a tree and a desire for a healthy and caring relationship with our planet.

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