A Bridge

At the heart of the Royal Thanaka story is a bridge. Royal Thanaka is a product and it is also a movement. It is an idea born of people seeking a life free to thrive. The founders met at a place of refuge, education, and community, the International Community School (ICS). ICS was created to be a place of excellent education in an environment of care amidst a beloved community, https://icsgeorgia.org/. It attracted those who sought these qualities. Now, from this place, Royal Thanaka grows out into the wider world community to further the values of excellence in community - another bridge.

The product itself is a natural, and ancient remedy. It reconnects people with the healing wisdom of nature and away from harsh petrochemicals that are toxic. The key ingredient, Thanaka, is the ground bark of the Thanaka tree. It has provided skin care for the people of Burma for 2,000 years. The Thanaka tree is a bridge to all who seek clean skin care. Royal Thanaka puts hope into motion. Through the process of creating a real product from an ancient process, people and planet benefit. This is the bridge from ancient wisdom to modern practice. The healthy and beneficial ingredient, Thanaka, is reef-safe as well as non-trans dermal. Royal Thanaka is a bridge to connect people and planet.

While setting aside a portion of each sale for ICS, Royal Thanaka plans to generate more connections to the community. This bridge will allow other social enterprises such as, https://www.sunavworld.com/ to benefit through working with Royal Thanaka for the benefit of all. Ultimately, through a manufacturing facility and handcrafted artisanship there will be the beginning of work that pays a living wage. This bridge to ownership and economic freedom honors the sanctity and dignity of work.

Join with us by creating bridges to the wider community! https://www.royalthanaka.com/


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